Planning Your Visit

How do I make the most of my Tropical Stone Experience?

Browsing at Tropical Stone is always encouraged.We invite you to visit us and view the vast and varied collection of natural stone available for your project while enjoying our well-lit, inviting indoor “art” gallery.

Please have as much of the following information handy when calling for an appointment to select materials:

    • Fabricator Name – for pricing and shipment of stone
    • Architect, Designer, Dealer, and/or Contractor Names
    • Plans or square footage requirements for each project
    • Dimensions required for islands, etc. – minimum length and width required
    • Samples of cabinetry, flooring, paint, tile or fabric for color match to stone

Once a stone has “spoken” to you, it is important to know how you will proceed with your final selections:

    • Stone is selected by color, by lot number, and by individual slab number.
    • Wholesale pricing is sent to the fabricator who quotes the installed price to you or your contractor.
    • Slabs are selected in sequence for best color match and, since many lots in inventory are book-matched for design applications, the slab order must not be broken.
    • Slabs are moved at the time of final selection only in order to limit damage to materials and to offer our customers the best stone quality possible.

Securing Material at Tropical Stone:

Policy and Procedures to Secure Materials

Our entire selection of materials in stock is ready to be shipped at a moment’s notice. Our inventory availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Inventory can be secured as follows:

  1. After selections are made, a quote is sent to the fabricator on record listing dimensions and prices of materials selected. Fabricator will provide a quote to contractor/end user and will determine quantity of material needed.
  2. Once the quote is approved with the fabricator/contractor/builder/end-user, materials can be secured if still available once we receive a Purchase Order from fabricator listing the number of slabs needed to generate invoice and set up delivery.
  3. After materials are secured by a Purchase Order by the fabricator, end user has the option to set up an appointment to approve the Natural Stone slabs assigned to their project which are sold in sequence of the lot, meaning sequence of production keeping similarities and color matching of the slabs specifically identified by a serial number. Once slabs are approved, delivery arrangements will be made with the fabricator.
  4. Manufactured items (Engineered and Porcelain Slabs) do not apply for slab selection.


    • If end-user wishes to secure materials prior to receiving a final quote from the fabricator, or there is no fabricator defined at the moment, a non-refundable deposit via check will be accepted as a form of commitment.
    • Amount will be based on quantity of slabs and relative to the value of the stone selected and will be credited towards the final purchase price to the fabricator once defined and the fabricator will be responsible to pay balance, applicable taxes and transportation costs at the time of shipment.
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