Warehouse Safety

When visiting Tropical Stone, your safety is very important to us, so we ask your cooperation in following our SAFETY guidelines:

Visit Activity Safety Guidelines

Tropical Stone welcomes the opportunity to host visitors in its Indoor Slab Showroom/Warehouse, hereinafter referred to as “the Activity”. Tropical Stone emphasizes the premium on safety for its employees and visitors. The Activity does, however, involve some risk as visitors are entering an area where work is ongoing, and machinery may be in operation. This risk cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injury.

When participating in the Activity, the visitor acknowledges and understand that he/she is:

→ Entering a working warehouse and must remain aware of the surroundings.

→ Not to cross in front of any cranes in the aisles while slabs are being moved.

→ To move to another aisle when slabs are being moved toward customer.

→ To watch where customer is walking to avoid tripping hazards such as A-frame legs.

→ Not to stand or sit on any A-frame legs and slabs as this could shift the weight of the A-frame.

→ Not to walk in between or behind A-frames.

→ Not to pull, grab or attempt to move any slab.

→ Not to touch or go near any moving machinery, trucks, tools, backhoe and cranes.


→ Children under the age of 13 years old are NOT allowed in the warehouse.

→ Children in strollers are not permitted in our warehouse.

→ Children may not be held in a guardian’s arms in our warehouse.

→ Pets are not allowed in our warehouse. REGISTERED SERVICE DOGS ARE NOT CONSIDERED PETS.

Slab Safety

→ Customers are not allowed to attempt to move slabs under any circumstances. Only our staff can perform this task.

→ Slabs are not moved on Saturdays.

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